It seems that the compressor motor is spinning but is not compressing anything. Another possible cause of no cooling may be that your A/C compressor is not be engaging when you turn on the A/C. NOTE: High and Low side pressure readings will vary with ambient temperature and humidity. Click Here to Download or Print This Article. My mechanic recently informed me that my car air conditioner compressor was faulty, and it was subsequently replaced. The compressor works like a pump to compressor refrigerant. The AC evaporator acts like a huge ice cube with holes in it. google_ad_type = "text_image"; Connect an A/C pressure gauge to the HIGH SIDE service port (located in the high pressure hose that runs between the compressor and the condenser in the front of the engine compartment). Especially in the beginning of autumn, leaves collect in front of the cooler. If your car’s air conditioning goes out on a hot summer day, your commute to work and to run errands is going to be miserable. You can check your car’s AC manual for the correct pressure level. The air conditioning will no longer work on the hot days in autumn. You can remove the foliage yourself and then quickly find out whether it was the cause. My 94 Cherokee (apparently not great AC systems to begin with) seems to be blowing only slightly cool air when AC … google_color_link = "0000CC"; You can check if the refrigerant is too low when the high-pressure side’s pressure gauge registers a pressure lower than what is required. The higher the temperature and/or humidity, the higher the gauge readings. After the air is out, it can be recharged with the specified amount of refrigerant. Start the engine, turn on the A/C to MAX, and rev the engine to 2000 RPM. You should also check the air conditioner in the engine bay to see if the compressor is running. To do this, start your car and press the switch, you should now hear the compressor and the condenser. That depends on the car. Here are the possible steps that you can do to correct the problem. To do this, start your car and press the switch, you should now hear the compressor and the condenser. This may not turn out to be true all the time, as the AC could have failed due to a fault in some other component. Simply depressing the service fitting valve with a small screwdriver to see if any refrigerant squirts out is NOT an accurate check because it tell you how much pressure is in the system. In this case, the condenser fails and the air conditioning no longer works. If your air conditioning system is running all the time without actually cooling, the first thing you should do is check the air filter. When fans aren’t properly functioning, your condenser may not receive properly cooling. Tip: Always switch the air conditioning on again on cooler days, as this lubricates all moving parts. To determine the HIGH SIDE and LOW SIDE pressures inside your vehicle's air conditioning system, you need an A/C Gauge Set. The consumption or loss of refrigerant is relatively low, but something is always lost over time. If the clutch engages but the compressor does not turn (the belt will start to slip and squeal), the compressor is locked up and you need a new compressor. The Gauge Set must be connected to the A/C service ports on vehicle to read the pressures while the system is running. If the orifice tube is plugged, the high side pressure reading will be lower than normal, and the low side reading will also be lower than normal because no refrigerant is circulating through the system. 1. There are also many other different tools in an air conditioner that can be a bit expensive. The compressor is located in an air conditioner’s outdoor unit Is you car's air conditioner blowing warm air only and no cool air? Hold the engine speed and note the High and Low side pressure gauge readings. If higher, there may be a low side restriction. Air conditioning is especially important on hot summer days, but sometimes it doesn’t cool properly. Start with the fan speed turned to … AC Condenser Check to make sure the radiator cooling fans are running when the AC is on. My advice to you if you know nothing about A/C service is to find a repair shop that specializes in A/C repairs and let them diagnose and repair your air conditioning cooling problem. Tip: Always switch the air conditioning on again on cooler days, as this lubricates all moving parts. Another cause could be an internal obstruction inside the refrigerant circuit that is preventing refrigerant from circulating inside the A/C system. A blockage here will prevent the refrigerant from entering the evaporator or recirculating through the refrigeration circuit. There are … It costs around Rs 600 to 800 additional and aids in better lubrication to compressor and cooling components of car. Pressure gauges on each side of the compressor read the same. Your car’s compressor has many moving parts that can get stuck over time. Small cars typically have stacked AC and engine radiators cooled by a single fan. It also prevents the refrigerant from becoming moldy and smelly. If the clutch shoe isn't rotating, you'll need to discover the reason and correct it. If you have the air conditioning system serviced regularly, it will serve you well for a very long time. When your air conditioning system’s filter is clogged, it restricts the flow of air to your home. A common reason that is neglected is a broken switch. This article lists the most common causes. If the compressor clutch engages and turns the compressor, but the A/C still does not blow cold air, the system is probably low on refrigerant and needs to be recharged. Another possibility might be a blend air door inside the HVAC unit that is stuck in the HEAT position and is preventing air from flowing through the A/C evaporator. Start your engine, turn on the air conditioner, and check whether the compressor clutch shoe is rotating with the pulley. This is particularly the case with older models and especially when the air conditioning system is used little. Start with the compressor. If the refrigeration circuit seems to be functioning normally (compressor running, frost or condensation on the high pressure line from the condenser to the evaporator), but no cool air is blowing out of the ducts inside the car (and the blower is working), the fault is likely a BLEND AIR door that is stuck in the HEAT position, or possibly a badly clogged cabin air filter that is restricting airflow. My gut tells relay, overload, or capasitor. The average cost of replacing the auto-compressor for the AC is between $600 and $1100, the compressor itself costs about $700, while the rest is labor. The condenser ensures that the refrigerant releases the heat. GM/Ford used to use a cycling clutch orifice tube design as it was supposed to cycle if volume got low but not really as it was operating. If a unit is left On the compressor will cool down and kick back On, going into a bad cycle of running for a short while, over heating and kicking off. google_ad_height = 250; Your AC pulley is a free spinning pulley that has a clutch on it. Today's A/C systems with automatic climate control are very complex and require special tools and know-how to diagnose and repair. If this fan is not on then this is a problem that must be checked out. ... run power straight to the compressor to test . You can find out why that can be and what you can do yourself in our home about it. If the clutch doesn’t work properly, you will still be able to drive your car. Compressor fans are operational, last i checked i had power everywhere i could check (i think). The best setting for diagnosis is “fresh air” (not recirculated) with the air blowing out of the center vents in the dash and the AC turned on. Replace the motor that controls the blend air door (this is a difficult job and best left to a professional since it involves tearing apart the HVAC unit -- about an 8 to 10 hour job!). If the refrigeration circuit seems to be working (refrigerant in the system, compressor running and building pressure), but there is still no cooling, the problem might be an obstruction in the orifice tube (located in the high pressure hose between the condenser in the front of the radiator, and the evaporator located in the passenger compartment). Another possibility would be a fault in the automatic climate control system such as a ad interior temperature sensor or control module. Home » Troubleshooting » Car AC not cooling: the most common causes. google_color_border = "FFFFFF"; This condition has a few possible causes: the AC system could be low on refrigerant, an electrical problem may not be allowing the compressor to turn on, there could be an internal problem in the system, or perhaps there is a problem with the heater/AC controls. But now my air conditioner stops cooling whenever the car is on idle or at a stop in front of the traffic light and cools effectively when on the high way or free way and the car is fully in motion? Have the compressor checked in the workshop. So, to answer your question, no. Contaminant particles from the AC Compressor or AC Accumulator/Drier restricting the flow of refrigerant can lead to poor cooling. Troubleshoot Automatic Climate Control System, How To Recharge Your Car's Air Conditioner, A/C Service Equipment: What's Required To Service Today's Vehicles, California proposes ban on R134a sales to motorists. It circulates the refrigerant that removes heat from your home’s air and dumps it outside. If the compressor does not engage when you turn on the A/C, see if it will run by jumping the compressor clutch wire directly to the battery (use a fused jumper wire). This cycle is sometimes audible inside the car, causing a clicking noise. It will spin freely until you turn the air conditioning on. Have it checked in a specialist workshop. //-->. Refrigerant too low. If the reading is lower, the system may be low on refrigerant. Clogged air filter. There’s nothing quite like being stuck in a hot car in the middle of a traffic jam. Problem #3: A bad compressor The compressor is the core of your AC system. You can only have refrigerant refilled in a workshop. With the engine OFF, connect the A/C Gauge Set High Pressure Hose (the one with the larger coupler fitting) to the High Side service port (usually located in the compressor output line that goes from the compressor to the condenser). Therefore, you should have the amount of refrigerant checked every two years. Sometimes the AC’s compressor is not working, but the fan still runs. Should I Take My Car In for an Inspection if I Hear a Clicking Noise? Without enough air flowing over the coils, the system can’t remove humidity and cool the air to the set temperature, so it keeps running when it shouldn’t. google_color_url = "008000"; The typical complaint for an AC problem is the AC blows warm air. Restrictive filters. The most common reasons that AC blows warm air in car are leaks in the air cooling system, broken compressor, worn-out clutch or electrical wiring problems. If the compressor works when you jump it, and the A/C blows cold air, the system contains refrigerant and the fault is likely a bad A/C compressor clutch relay or a bad clutch cycling switch or pressure switch. The gauge will tell you if there is any pressure in the system. You can easily find out whether the switch is defective. When your system’s air filter is full of dirt and debris, the flow of air is restricted, which can impede the functioning of your air conditioner. While checking the AC Condenser, inspect the Radiator / AC cooling fan motor(s). Many of us come to a conclusion that if the vehicle's AC fails to blow crisp, cool air, the cause is a malfunctioning AC Compressor. This is sometimes simple to resolve. • A car AC with 2% or more of air will not cool properly, no matter how much refrigerant you add • For every 1% of air in the system, you lose 1°F of cooling efficiency. This can impede the function of your AC and prevent the removal of excess moisture in the air. » Noise from Car AC Compressor: If the compressor creating noise, the Workshop may flout you that AC Compressor has problem and may give you estimate of Rs 20K to 40K, but car AC Compressor do not fail like this. If there is no noise, this can indicate a defective compressor or condenser, but also a defective switch. google_ad_width = 300;