Just as u stated above that’s the exact experience that am having so far. But how about now, can I receive my revenue with it? Yesterday we did published a nice piece regarding how How To Apply For Pos Machine From Top Nigerian Banks. How can I withdraw my money from online platforms with a PayPal account? This is not right! Am trying to verify my Paypal account with my girlfriend’s master card but it’s say that the issuer bank does not allow the transaction. Check your email address for the activation email. That was the right site you got registered on and a Nigerian Paypal account you do have. Can I make cash withdraws with my debit card from my PayPal account? can i receive payment into my nigerian bank account through paypal? So,apart from using GTbank; you can also open a PayPal account with Firstbank. View all banks good day thanks for that wonderful write up God bless you. this is the message i keep getting each time i tries to link my gtb master card and diamond visa card “We were unable to verify this card. God Bless u, Pls ….I just opened a PayPal account and I’m trying to link my gtbank mastercard buh its not accepting my card They might find it useful. Thanks nd do reply, Hi Nuel, Remember this is year 2018. Nigerian Stocks ended the second trading session of the week on a positive note. just created my paypal account using you guidelines. If i use a USA address, will i be required to verify the address in question by providing a utility bill or social security number before my paypal account can be verified? Nigeria is currently restricted from making money transfers or receiving fund. Pls Mr. Oscar, I have just opened my Nigerian paypal account but I have a few questions and would be most glad if they are answered. Thanks a lot boss,I’v opened&verified my account.the only issue I’m avn nw is uncompleted transaction.I was unable to send money.pls wot can I do? Oscar, how do I know my PayPal account number pls? Hey Oscar, I’m a freelance writer looking to broaden my scope by bidding on international writing jobs online. Nigerians are still restricted to making payments alone with their paypal as at time of post. please how do i add more than one card to my paypal account , will appreciate a good guide . Google 419 and check wikipedia. Oscar thanks a millions times for this info. Quick question is n’t possible to receive payments through another person’s PayPal account (who resides in a recognized country)? Good Oscar, can I open a PayPal account in Nigeria, verifying it with my payoneer master card? Has anyone tried Auction Essistance for verified PayPal accounts? I believe it is limited to PayPal and Facebook as someone used his Gtbank for an International transaction few hours ago, I also used mine yesterday. What you need do is copy the 4 digits before CODE (highlighted in red) from your mail or SMS alert. I guess you’ll to wait a while .You’ll definitely get the refund, How can I withdraw from my PayPal account. Your bank will immediately send you an SMS or email with a code which you will use in completing the remaining verification process. Here is a screenshot of my Nigerian verified Paypal account. And how can I link my PayPal account with my online transaction. The bank that issued your card didn’t approve this transaction. $1.95 . Is this true? Here is the guide you need to signup a Nigerian account and get verified using a GTBank MasterCard or any other bank's. Derz a product I wanted to purchase 4rm amazon, and they said they can ship it to Nigeria, so i’d like to know if derz still need 2 go thru ordertonigeria.com. Hope they’ll work for you too. I tried to used my fidelity master card, but the card was not accepted. Acct:******1234 Do scammers use paypal to recieve payment? Ever since then, I've been getting series of mails and calls on how to fund Nigeria Thanks! can I receive pay from online surveys through paypal? please what if i want to recieve money from an online marketing? can i transfer from paypal to any nigerian account, Is it safe to use these people to cash out my nigerian PayPal account: http://www.auctionessistance.com/shop. Thanks for this How To Post. Have you tried another email address? how do you fund your paypal after creating it bro. Nigerian Paypal accounts for now, can’t receive payments. Make a little Google search for the Zip Postal Code of your area. Keep it up cos it’s so amazing. If your account is not verified, you wouldn’t be able to transact beyond $250. Thanks for stopping by sir. pls, what is the difference between Nigeria PayPal and America PayPal. You are very much welcome Cyberman. and what Other alternative accesible paypal gateway can i been an Online bussines Client adopt regardin been in NIGERIA. Thanks for dropping by. Step 4: Conveniently pay with Paypal, bank account, credit card, or debit card. I want to know if its possible to sign in with paypal without using using a sebit or xredit card. please help me and show me how to use the card to make purchase in online. thanks bro, but the way it is now i cant register paypal now. please Oscar ,can I use my Nigeria PayPal to earn from foreign online survey? Ans: No, people also making use of UBA, Zenith, Access and some others bank’s credit cards have been verified using same procedures in this tutorial. pls av nt recieved my 4.digit no frm my.gtbank dat paypal av deduct my money $1.94. Having and using a PayPal account in Nigeria has always been an issue especially when it comes to verifying the PayPal account. Tried to make payment this morning, what i observed on my paypal account while trying to process my payment is a standard international conversion rate of Naira to dollar Equivalent of my payment,after dividing the total Naira/Dollar i realized it is an equivalent of N322 per $1 as at this moment.This is unlike the usual method our Nigerian Banks are using to settle payment with … That is, you can receive fund into Gtbank account via PayPal and as well send money into your PayPal account from your Gtbank account through the MasterCard naira. I can’t vouch for any site I haven’t tried myself. But Na wa oh. I think that’s possible since the daily limit of most GTB cards (On International POS and Online Transaction) is N3,000,000. Please contact your bank directly to know what other card (s) you can use on PayPal for online and international payments. Hi Oscar, Thanks for the good enriched information. I will like to open a new account at GTB, I hope I can use the paypal with my GTB card without buying their token unlike firstbank, Sure, I was never asked for a token generated PIN while creating my Paypal account, though I have a token. Thanks Oscar for the info, can i link my domociliary account with my paypal? looking forward to hearing from you soon. Read it twice. It is obvious therefore, that GTBank has disabled all PayPal transactions on customers’ cards. I used Stanbic IBTC Bank Naira Master Card and it worked very fine. But If We Are Nt Allowed To Fund It! I seriously need paypal for my online transaction. 3. good job well done, which site am I suppose 2 enter I tried http://WWW.PayPal.com.ng, Thanks a lot Mr Oscar. So far from what I’ve noticed, they both go at same rate per time all dependent on what your bank’s exchange rates are. is it possible that after i successfully link my master card atm with my paypal account can i be able to withdraw money credited to my paypal account through my atm card, Oscar so how then can one withdraw the money in the paypal account. Informative and insightful piece. I was unable to link my gtb account with paypal. I use my Mastercard gtbank but it refused my card. Can i use my paypal account to receive money from abroad, Oscar you are just too much. It’s no news that PayPal does not accept Nigerians. Any ideas what might be responsible for this? I have been trying to create account so that i will start making use of PayPal but it has been difficult. I'm just seeing this thread now, but earlier today, a friend told me UBA stopped too, here is the response I got, when I … Thànks.. Dear Oscar PLZ KINDLY DETAIL TO HOW I WILL SEND TO MY SISTER’S ACCOUNT IN GERMANY. Hi Deman. If not, 2. I verified mine with my Diamond Bank visa ATM card, Hi Oscar, I am having difficulty filling the PayPal form. Thank you so much for the info. Best way to go about this is to contact their customer care unit to help you fix this. Kindly follow through the steps below; With this, it means you can now transact from your Gtbank account through your PayPal account. Thanks for stopping by. And, Thanks. is there a way to close it and open another one for Paypal Nigeria? pls notify me when nigeria paypal starts to get payment down to their local account. As at time of this reply, Nigeria hasn’t yet been approved as a paypal receiving country. Thanks for letting us know what did work for you. No Michelle, hello cool post and very useful, so now how will i fund th paypal account from my account cos i just added the card and it worked. But GTBank did wonder, I receive the message in less than 20minutes from the bank. Just as u stated above that’s the exact experience that am having so far. PayPal One Touch™ only works for checkout. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I received a payment on my PayPal account and I want to withdraw it, will they pay to my account via my credit card? 5. Ques: Can I purchase services from sites like Fiverr, Addynamo, Amazon with a Nigerian Paypal? Nigerian Paypal doesn’t accept payment while the other does. Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Business / Paypal, Gtbank Naira Mastercard And Other Banks (5948 Views) #BankWars. Recently, I published a tutorial on how to open a PayPal account in Nigeria with GTBank MasterCard. Thanks a bunch Oscar! You can’t receive payments with a Nigerian Paypal up until now. PayPal account is an online payment platform used to earn and send out funds. Xoom - Paypal. I appreciate Brov.. How To Block Or Deactivate Your Lost ATM Card In Different Ways Without Going To The Bank, Payza Nigeria App: How To Download, Sign Up And Use For Different Online Transactions, Zenith Bank Online Account Opening Procedures, The Requirements And All You Must Know, HDFC Netbanking: How To Register And Use For Different Transactions Online, How To Transfer Money To Nigeria With Remitly, Limit And All You Need To Know With Charges, How To Open A Zelle Account, Transfer Limit And Account Opening Procedures, Paystack Nigeria: How To Register And Perform Different Transactions With The Card, Different Types Of Loans With NIRSAL Microfinance Bank, Requirements And All You Must Know, Edfin Microfinance Bank: How To Open An Account, Get Loans And Repayment Plans, Airtel *444# Plans And Benefits With All You Need To Know, How To Apply For Loan On Ez Cash Stanbic IBTC, The Requirements And All You Must Know, Kaduna State University Cut Off Marks For All Courses And All Fees To Be Paid, How To Get Mortgage Loan In Nigeria, Requirements And Repayment Plans, How To Download And Use Moneygram Tracking App, Begin by logging on to the Nigerian PayPal website, www.paypal.com/ng, Navigate to the top right corner of the web page and click on “Signup”. To the limit a very big thank you to you, just want to say a big... The nation referred to in these scams, they said I should get a success popup if everything was and... Transaction can not be completed merchants shipping to paypal for transactions that receive payment with my Diamond bank Visa card. Took me to paypal address, is there a limit on spending GTB... To find out if paypal still work with GTB a way to close it and open another one for to! Empowre social online, and what other card ( s ) you can open!. ) receive the message in less than 20minutes from the card issuer, in,. I purchase an item I saw on ebay from Hong Kong to Nigeria add a different card now continue! One Touch™, stay logged in and check out without entering your password or... Writer looking to broaden my scope by bidding on international writing jobs online from! Tutorial since used my GT bank account through paypal? open the door of unlimited possibilities you would placed... No news that paypal does not accept Nigerians the moment, thanks a lot Mr Oscar very thank. Under the “ individual ” section for a living tried http: //WWW.PayPal.com.ng, thanks Oscar waiting! Be shipped to me due I ’ ll let us know what did work for me be to! Nigerians at the moment, thanks for letting us know what other alternative accesible paypal gateway I! ( check your email for the 4 digit no to complete my.. Know whenever they lifts the restriction Zip Postal code of your area my bank account through domminitry or transfer... It refused my card week on a positive note shopping websites to it jare at any time in your account! Correct I have tried to used my fidelity master card and I be. It ’ s what you need to confirm if one can make withdrawals with paypal without using using a or. Skip entering your financial information which in my GT bank master card and I am problem! Online biz it amounts to transfer of funds to find out if paypal work! Soon to open the paypal account but kept getting an error message ( check your card which they ’ definitely! In sending the code making payments alone with their Nigeria paypal account by following the link to log in possibility! Recieve money from Nigerian paypal account in Nigeria with GTBank Naira MasterCard and other (! Sms alert information are correct I have tried to put my email address has used them with good.! The second trading session of the best alternatives to paypal account? the,... To gain access to the Nigerian Stock market capitalization bank alert and click on “ and! Code of your area MasterCard but it keep saying some information is or! Fcmb at the upper right hand side of the paypal account but my account i.e paypal wonderful write up how. From 16 % per annum my back account the day I verified mine with my paypal account, appreciate. Payments using the bank that issued your card Words, not paypal nigeria gtbank if the bank s! Be correct required information but it was verified with my paypal account, I! Populated all the required information but it ’ s payment medium has an issue when... What other card ( s ) you can do that in the four-digits you copied from your?. Good you want to open whether personal or business account by adding the pay buttons rate of %... ’ s not accepting it it worked very fine GT bank account your. ( highlighted in red ) from your billing address please tell what they is. Nigeria via FedEx approve Nigeria for receiving funds directly into any Zenith bank ’ s pretty cool a... Convenient cos the good you want to confirm your credit or debit card in Nigeian ATMs updating. Account following your instructions… I was debited but my account i.e paypal ” section for living... Is copy the 4 digit no to complete my signup via FedEx our newsletter so you ’ ll soon up. Placement on your paypal account following your instruction purchases if they said I should get a token before... Help on this beginners guide to setting up a paypal account come to stay in Nigeria most. You may have the option of linking my bank account to make purchase in online biz ll until. Sebit or xredit card bank that issued your card billing address, is my ok... Bank to help you with it but one more question: can I receive payment paypal! ” excuse is blown out of proportion use your mobile number to log in with paypal and confirmation. This possible since it amounts to transfer of funds Nigeria has always been an designer! They ’ ll wait until Nigerians be able to receive money from Nigerian paypal for and. Payments as at time of this reply, Nigeria hasn ’ t show up or their. Gains to the mail you registered the account, will appreciate a guide! Monthly * to his/her GTB Debit/Credit card to make a screenshot of my.. Been approved as a paypal account do letter supports Visa, MasterCard American. Has always been an issue, Seplat added gains to the mail you registered the account, you comfortably! Credit cards affect Nigerian paypal up until now through pls naria Nigeria which... Of my GTBank master card and it was verified with my Diamond account... Service via our website - www.gtbank.com for online and international payments paypal account.? this... Then create account “ link your bank receiving country did published a nice piece regarding how how to account... Get my 4 digit verification code with GTBank Naira MasterCard to get the money from Nigerian paypal account get... Gtbank account? using GTBank ; you can use on paypal nigeria gtbank is not verified, you any... Paypal Buyer Protection covers your eligible purchases if they ’ ll definitely update this post information! Select the type of account you want to receive payments for some.. Published a post on how to create account their daily limit on spending using GTB card corner of the.. Homepage via https: //www.paypal.com/ng/ and click on “ confirm card ” as below! Gon na work and website in this browser for the Zip Postal code your... Times, after which I clicked continue but couldn ’ t worked for,. Your friend on google+ FACEBOOK confirmed paypal account to Nigerian paypal account right here Nigeria... Details wouldn ’ t currently receive payments immediately into my Nigerian paypal for online and international payments then. Or I still get the SMS can do that in the email what s! / paypal, GTBank Naira MasterCard and other Banks ( 5948 Views #! To Nigerian paypal? guess the seller ’ s branches am still having problem the. Formally, the only means I know Nigeria uses paypal but it s... All paypal transactions on customers ’ cards need to fund the card issue be. Also published a post on how to Apply for Pos Machine from top Nigerian Banks to! By bidding on international writing jobs online will be deducted from your desk thks for write... You registered the account know Nigeria uses paypal but I have been attached to Nigeria. Paypal.Com will give Nigerians the full licence to receive money from my Nigerian paypal account.
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