Please note that all content and photos are property of The Weathered Door. DONT TOPCOAT ADVANCE! So I tried using a fiber roller and got the same thing. waterborne alkyd enamel is not furniture grade. yes! Too many drips and tacky two weeks later, drawers sticking, etc. I have GF milk paint on my cabinets currently and would like to change the color. Several years ago, I turned an extra bedroom into a study/den for my daughter, and I asked the paint guy at my local Home Depot what I should use on the desk that I made (it is a solid core door panel that I cut to fit the closet. Not sure if that made the difference or not. it was just a pressboard dresser so not a big loss other than the time and the desire for her to have a pretty room. I sanded the project and used BIN primer before painting and so far it’s looking good. If you’re painting furniture, consider how the piece is used and whether you can wait to let the paint cure properly. Leigh A 1:10 or 2:10 will work just fine unless of course you are spraying doors where you could bump it to possibly a 212 or A 310 but in my honest opinion I have used those larger orifices and I've never found my work to be as Flawless as when I sprayed Benjamin Moore Advance in a 110 or 210.keep in mind that if you get a run or a sag in your material you can easily buff it out with a clean … Added)a clear base. I used a sponge roller and got tons of bubbles everywhere. Lower temps and higher humidity you have to wait longer. Been able to sand after 20-24 hours just fine. I painted my coffee and end table that are heavily used.I was told to sand and prime then paint. So, we either pay a professional finisher to have a truly durable finish, or we struggle ourselves with brushes, rollers, gravity or pressure pot HVLP guns, airless sprayers, or whatever we think we can make work. A lot of the time if its old furniture or could be lead so if you thimk it’s painted before 1978 do a lead test. We used the BM Advance Satin 3.5 gallons and BM Advance Primer 2.5 gallons. I haven’t tried it yet but have read good things about Target Coatings EM6500. I gave the door a light sanding with 200 grit before attempting to paint. It’s fun to apply, going on smoothly and easily. Anyone that is painting wood stained cabs that have a shellac or varnished finish, you absolutely must use a shellac-based primer. Many painters use Advance for interior trim work in houses where extended cure times would be a major problem. Pinning is welcome! I then followed with BM Advanced in a gray. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. My husband was so exasperated when trying to paint our bathroom cabinets with BM that he said he would NEVER use it again. Sanded first,primer then sanded first coat of paint light sand then final paint took forever but look like brand new. Submitted by DirtSquirt on Sun, 09/11/2011 - 13:00 It sounds pretty good (except for the drying time) and like maybe one wouldn't need to use the poly along with it. Im worried that it will never dry.. Just finished painting an old desk with it and love the results. It’s a very light greige in the same family as classic gray. Used BM Advance in gloss black on my piano. I never had an issue with anything I painted with Advanced. Advance is no bueno. I use Wooster green handle brushes and Wooster big green 4” rollercover, it’s a flawless finish! You should also know, I am a professional painter. Specifically surfaces where things are not set on it. If you don’t want to be dealing with a paint and topcoat pair then it’s probably not right. I painted my kitchen cabinets two years ago, and they still look flawless. Think about something with an added hardener. -Fourth step is your first coat of Advance. I cleaned the brick prior to painting, but because it was already newly coated with a flat white paint, I did nothing else to prep the surface. No problems there. Especially outside. I have never put a top coat over the paint. The people at Benjamin moore said that you should only use their product the “Stays Clear”. I stumbled on this thread after just finishing the final coat for both and am a little horrified a made a big mistake because of all the effort I put into both pieces. The best way to paint kitchen cabinets or furniture is to to first know your substrate.Is it an oil or latex your painting over. Now the blackened paint first coat with the same paint pad was ugly and showed primer paint streaks. Thank you! Thank you for your informative blog posts! I’m thinking about doing my trim in that paint. It looks amazing, is holding up really well, we couldn’t be happier. it is good to hear that the white holds up better. I know this is an old thread, however if anyone is interested. It might even work for the frame of a piece of furniture (sides, legs, and drawer dividers) since those areas don’t see high use like furniture tops. I’m looking a high gloss gray, Me too!! I sanded and primed every single surface before painting. When Benjamin Moore came out with their new Advance paint, we really wanted to try it. It was a deep yellow color and they also said (initially) that it could be due to the color/base. I used a thin brush and a small flocked foam roller (Wooster Brush RR310-4 1/2 Jumbo-Koter Big Green Paint Roller). Allison… Which Fresh Start formulation is recommended if STIX is not used? I tried the newer California Ultra (company who bought Muralo out) and I feel unfortunately it’s not quite as good as Muralo, but still pretty good. GF paints or Sherwin Williams acrylic/latex would be my water-based go-to choice. Some colourants like the 01 and Y2 don’t hold up as well as most. Best feature is water only cleanup. The dollhouse and dresser will have books on it that might sit for a while so I’m really worried about tack. It looked sprayed and I had no drips (I”m a meticulous painter). Other added tips are to use the softest bristle brush you can find (I like the Wooster Silver Tip), and if you use a roller, use a flocked roller with the tiny “hairs” (they are usually yellow foam rollers that look very slightly fuzzy), as the “hairs” knock down any small bubbles that arise while applying the Advance paint for a smooth application. It is very important to note that the product does not cure to a hard, enamel-like finish for 30 days. Prep: 1. degrease with a mild degreaser like a dawn and water solution to get off dirt, food and grease. I’ve also used black on some cabinets in ouir family room and those have held up great as well. It’s still super durable. It has been about three years since I painted my kitchen cabinets in Ben Moore white dove advance (actually we had to custom mix to match white dove as the formula wasn’t right. I also painted my mom’s fireplace mantle with the high gloss white Advance and never had a problem with it being tacky. Be Inspired Explore Colour Find Products Stores About Us. I have used the Behr alkyd enamel and had issues with it being tacky and was worried this might be the same as it is an alkyd. sanded and wiped away dust I’ve been asked about using a topcoat with Benjamin Moore Advance. I used a very dark grey and while the recoat times were OK the paint didn’t seem hard in fingernail testing for a while. I will say, richer colors such as oranges, reds, blues and purples take much longer to cure between coats due to the pigments (this is true with any paints) So, it’s not surprising that your white painted project acted differently to the red project. Benjamin Moore Advance over oil trim. Trust me this was a very valuable lesson. I primed with zinsser and sanded between coats. So, I went ahead with another coat thinking maybe I should just brush quicker or something, not wanting to turn back at this point especially after the expense of the paint. I am going to use General Finishes top coat. I have had very good success painting furniture in the past using flat latex acrylic and a poly topcoat but thought, like you, that eliminating the topcoat would be convenient. the second coat looks better, I switched to a mohair roller. You did a crappy job sanding and left some of the original finish. I use a wet cloth to wipe it down when I clean . thank you. It’s the Satin finish. Their is a learning curve both for spraying and brushing and directions should be followed about curing times etc. All my cabinets are flat. I’ve been painting with BM Satin Impervo for over 20 years. I have used Advance on several large built-ins, dining room table and chairs, and other items. Also, Advance paint can take up to 30 days to completely cure and harden. waited 3 days or so before I reattached the doors and drawer fronts. While painting, I didn’t have the problems others noted with the paint drying too fast. full circle – I bought Advance a year or two ago (trim and cabinet – white hi gloss and reg. A year later it is still kind of tacky and sitting in the garage. It was still tacky and peeling off weeks later. I built my daughter a dollhouse bookcase as well as re-finished an old family dresser and nightstand for her. The finish paint was $50/gallon and I think the primer may have been $48/gallon. Use a sponge roller advance semi gloss simple white is my go to trim and door choice rarrly have any problems unless on bare wood that should have been stixd, I learned the hard way that using a melamine roller is the only way to with advance paint, WHat finish did you use. 2. proper cure times and sanding between coats with 220 is essential. There are beautiful paints put there designed specifically for painting furniture that are worth exploring and may reduce your frustrations. Choose your sealer and primer to fit the paint you prefer to use. Based on everything I’ve read as of know – I’m going to pick up some more of it. A bit of background…I sanded well and sprayed 2-3 coats of primer before painting with an HVLP gun. If you have further questions about the paint I did not cover leave them in a comment. Reeves, you know I am a fan of General Finishes products for furniture along with their HP Top Coats. A lot of people use a deglosser instead of standing- BIG MISTAKE. It was a mistake. Classic — If I used an interior paint, even if it was top of the line, it would fail. There is something very wrong with that paint. I am a retired professional government certified Tradesman Qualification painter with 42 years of experience and also a SSPC member. Started with STIX primer with I think is now owned by BM. Cleaned all cabinets with Dawn + water, then denatured alcohol, then sanded with 200 grit on an electric sander. I guess that kind of plays into durability, but that paint does not cure (well). The Advance product line now has it’s own primer, however I have not received any feedback on it yet so cannot speak to it’s results. Do I need to completely remove the GF milk paint first or will sanding and priming be enough to achieve a good finish? SEEMS to adhere well after a good cleaning and very light sanding. Home / Paints & Primers / Interior Paint / ADVANCE® WATERBORNE INTERIOR ALKYD PAINT. would be great candidates for this product. Additionally, all of the trim work in my house is painted in semi-gloss, same white/off white mixture. After I initially posted about using the paint on this dresser (my first project with Advance) I received numerous messages from people who had also used Advance and had bad stories, although admittedly some good experiences as well, like me. For spraying, I used Apollo’s latex needle – sorry don’t remember the size it’s called, and thinner with water. Been reading the comments here and saw the one about Emtech 6500 (from Target Coatings). Hardwoods, such as oak, cherry, mahogany, maple, Etc I may try spraying Advanced with the bottom cabinets I still have to do in the next few week, who knows !? ADVANCE® WATERBORNE INTERIOR ALKYD PAINT $ 27.99 – $ 76.99. Very disappointed! I am trying to decide on a paint for my newel posts and handrail. Comparatively, at Sherwin-Williams, a gallon of their comparable cabinet paint costs $83.49 and a quart costs $32.59. So thick and crazy ridges with every brush stroke, even after I took it back to the paint store and they thinned it with water. Never had any issues with advance. The paint starts drying fast, but it takes a long time to totally dry, so after one week, the doors of the cabinets still stick to the cabinet frame. Browse Benjamin Moore exterior paint and indoor paint to create a cohesive palette for your entire home. Even when I open the can, bubbles everywhere. And it absolutely paid off. I started using in kitchen and bathroom cabinets! 7. after 24 hours paint again (lightly go over before with steel wool if necessary to smooth out then remove all dust) 8. The title of it says it all. Colours are white and light grey. I’ve had good luck with white satin Advance on all my trim work. If the answer is no, then don’t use advance. I used the Advance two separate times, once brushing and once spraying interior doors. ... Little Greene, Mylands, Paint Library, Benjamin Moore, Zinsser colours and Rust-Oleum colours are tinted at Ferndown. dried 24 hours. As the result of extensive testing, Benjamin Moore nylon/polyester professional paintbrushes are custom-blended to deliver the highest levels of performance with Benjamin Moore paints. The BM was tacky and too FOREVER to dry, lint kept sticking to it, etc. This medium is made to not dry out, in the machines they’re dispensed from. It comes in a can like regular paint and is really great for furniture. It’s a kitchen. With Muralo Ultra it did in fact dry as hard as oil, but was a standard 4 hour dry time paint, with only 2-4 days or so to cure to rock hard. Use correct primer since this paint is not self-priming. If you try it or have tried it let everyone know your experience in the comments . Alex I am curious what kind of climate do you live in? This left a gap in kitchen cabinet paints and Advance was Benjamin Moore’s solution. My guess is that because it is such an intense orange the Gennex (and employees) should have suggested a deep base primer to help with coverage and even durability. When it comes to spraying using an airless sprayer DO NOT USE AN GRACO (FFLP 212) tip!!!!! Normally – if the a normal paint was shaken within a week, I wouldn’t even consider spoiling a stir stick, but this one needs blending. I think I added 1/4 cup per gallon and it was still too thick. I don’t see that limitation impacting the bedframe project though. I have used the Advance paint on my last project. High humidity here doesn’t help. I switched to a shur-line velour roller and it was perfect. Because it was a table top I did put a pokycrylic top coat. Use Zinsser B.I.N. It’s just implying that the truth is that it doesn’t work. I had already used a Kilz oil based primer before I purchased the paint, and mentioned that before purchasing it and was told it would be fine. No humidity here. Exceptional paint capacity provides the fastest results. The Advance Interior Paint – High Gloss finish is one of Benjamin Moore’s glossiest finishes. I applied coat #2., weather/humidity (both when the paint is applied and as it cures), sheen (lower sheen may be less tacky than high gloss), color? I have not tried it on furniture, but appreciate all the info above that there are better choices. Never trust 100% the person that is behind the counter, they are good people but they are not painters, the know what you can know if you read the back of the paint can. I’m giving Advance Semi Gloss white a try on some custom bookshelves I’m building. After calling a few of their troubleshooters, they came to the conclusion that it was a bad batch of paint. It does require understanding its limitations but any paint requires that. Highly resistant to moisture, it is ideal for furniture and decorative features, curing to a hard, durable finish. Video: How to Paint over Laminate and Plastic ». I have stood on it with my shoes on it several times – to fix the track lights that I installed above it – and zero marks or scuffs. Bubbles all over the place and they don’t go away. A few years ago I used Advanced on primed kitchen cabinets (super smooth crappy laminated dark wood cabinets that were not sanded but just primed with ziesner smart prime I believe). I gave Advance one more try when I painted a 9 drawer mid century credenza last October. Would anyone recommend applying a coat of poly over top of the Advance to avoid any of the issues people have been having? Let me be very clear in saying these are my opinions and my experiences. Some people swear by one thing and others say no it’s horrible. I never want to use any other product. I end up using KILZ primer on some of them. How was the termperature when you undertook this project? Was turned on to BM Advance and what a nightmare, the paint is great but it was a total lack of knowledge given to me by the owner of the Bm paint store. So I did, just enough to make the paint glide on well. I did it in the color greyhound by Benjamin Moore. Benjamin Moore Advance is a very similar product to cabinet coat. I made one test piece on the plywood used and it dried perfectly on the first coat… Not sure why others seem to be reporting issues. I’m not a fan of Advance but would use it another time in a lighter color. They recommended me using a brush and now I have streaks. Benjamin Moore® is an American paint brand known for their superior quality paints, loved by professional painters and consumers alike. This paint is supposed to be “self-leveling”. I wish i had read it before i spent hours painting my bathroom vanity with Advance (colour Habanero) Semi. I live in Michigan. Again, went on easily and, so far, has done very well. Exceptional application and feel; ... Benjamin Moore Edmonton Area Group© 2018. 1. Adding a tiny bit of water seemed to help. -Wipe down with rag dampened with alcohol There was an initial learning curve for how thick to brush on the paint. I use about 2 ounces of paint thinner in a quart and mix … The finish is perfect and has dried hard. So much so that I never even sold the piece that I used the paint on. But I was patient because after custom making all that stuff it was a labor of love. I enjoyed reading your post and wanted make a few comments which I hope might help. The Island is painted with Satin Impervo in a color and it’s held up for years with almost no wear at all and it’s where I keep pots and pans and cook every night. Like clarification on your procedure for painting furniture. well that was 10 days ago and it still isn’t dry…. Nothing beats the leveling ability of GF milk paint its the best but not as durable as I am enamel which is what I was looking for in the Advance line . It’s a vacation home out of state, so waiting 16 or 20 hours between coats isn’t an option when I’m only there for a couple days a month. Is there a different cabinet paint I can go over With? The saleslady told me it would be self priming and would harden really well. I ended up having to sand and reprime and then used the Ben Moore Ultra Spec and had flawless results. I have been painting furniture for years and the durability, shine and smoothness is incredible. I would use it again, but not on a project that I was in a rush for. You should be able to use it straight out of the can. Based on the online recommendations and the store manager recommendations here is what I did: Took off all doors and drawer fronts. In theory, this gives us all the benefits of … You may share one photo with a direct link back to the post, but may not use more than one photo or a post in its entirety without written permission from me. Supposed to dry hard (re-coat) in 30 minutes and usable in 12 hours although the person (NOT SW employee) said he always waits 24. I need to paint new oak kitchen cabinets WHITE. I could see how you would have issues with it chipping. I also know this is an old thread! I was recently recommended to try SW SHER-WOOD® KEM Aqua® Plus White. It needs 30 days to completely cure with relative humidity under 50%. I notice there alot of conversation on painting furniture with wall paint. Finally it looked great, everyone commented on how beautiful they looked. Did you use two coats of primer and two coats of paint on all surfaces? To avoid this, you need to seal / prime the surface. I still highly recommend General Finishes acrylic milk paints and High Performance Topcoats. For now I am still on the quest to find the best paint for furniture. BM Advanced was a terrible choice for my kitchen cabinets. This post is a follow up to a post/review I did last year on Benjamin Moore Advance paint. We had brought in a sample of the tile which were more of a terra cotta finish than glazed. Hi Reeves, I agree with you 250% on General Finishes “milk” paint for durability. I even on personal furniture items put it on over oil based paint and poly with only a light scuff sand of the poly and not sanding oil at all and it stuck 100% perfect and was rock hard after curing. I do think there are other paints out there that better suited for furniture. Not good coverage but pretty when it dried. Contrast that to a dry to touch time of 2 hours or recoat in 4. You have to follow the instructions on the technical data sheet available on Benjamin Moore website. The entire library is still a sticky tacky mess 2 months later. I don’t have any negative comments about this packings besides the sheen level difference. I would still prime it after. Hi, I know you wrote this post a couple of years ago so you are probably tired of hearing about it. you cannot see the touchup spots. I know that Alkyds are difficult to apply, but Advanced is on top of the list for problematic. I used advanced paint and very happy with the results. I painted my oak kitchen cabinets 4 years ago with Advance satin. This is usually a rare issue noticed with very bright or deep colours and can also be resolved with a third coat. Next up white base or just pure white, has about 70% to 90% white added. I’m getting ready to paint my oak kitchen cabinets and I am on a quest to find the best paint. applied coat one of paint. May I ask what kind of primer you used to paint your built-ins with the Advance paint? It took over 3 weeks to cure and the smell was horrible. I’m so sad…I will have to redo this project and am not happy at all. I’ve done alot of oak cabinets and used advance, proclassic and ppgs breakthrough paint, i never had an issue with either one, but for faster drying i would recommend breakthrough, but if you want that true semi gloss you should have to either go with advance or proclassic because breakthrough didn’t have semi gloss, only satin and gloss. Will probably go back to using SW products (pro classic )…. Keep trying out products I know you will report back to us with the best! Matte finishes absorb light, meaning they have little to no sheen. The piece turned out well and I did not have the same problems I had with the Salsa piece. ______________________________________________________________, If anyone has used Benjamin Moore Advance paint, please share your experience in the comments. Hi, fellow Michigander.Reading your post in August, 2019. Gotta degrease and sand with 150 grit before priming and always wipe clean with denatured alcohol! I usually order direct by phone, but I think you can order online too. Did our kitchen islands with advance, semi gloss,dark grey a month ago. When it comes to an item, like furniture, that sees more wear, a durable finish is needed. I’ve had no problem with durability, chipping or anything. And for what it’s worth, I took absolutely no shortcuts in my whole cabinet process! and it’s still pristine. With high durability and excellent cleaning properties, these paints can spruce up any space. I am very reluctant to move away from my topcoat of choice, and wondering if I can blacken the GFMP using something like Sumi ink. The grain of the oak is slightly visible but in a good way. My first experience was pretty good and so a few months later I purchased a difference color for another furniture project. Thanks for sharing! I had the same problem with the oil based trim paint. I’m currently painting an old sleigh bed frame in the wind’s breath. This from the most expensive paint I’ve ever bought. Sorry about that experience. I used Insl-x Stix primer and it is amazing. The amount added varies by manufacturer. I am using this product on a wall of cabinets and bookcases that I just built for a client. Maybe it will never dry, like some other people have said…. Benjamin Moore’s Advance paint is a water borne alkalyd. (saturation/pigment concentration). As I continue trying to find the best paint for me I’ll share my thoughts and experiences. Very disappointed that I spent so many hours using this paint. I wanted a glossy and very hard finish. Or what am I doing wrong. After reading your review on Advanced I’m looking for a different “best” paint recommendation. It was completed in November and any movement of the wood (we live in KS so hot/cold) caused the planets in the doors to crack at the connections. It came out Ok, never had a problem with it not curing but I did leave the doors out in the harsh CO sunshine so they dried nicely. Almost every customer I have sold this product to that followed the directions has returned to either tell us how pleased they were, buy more for a different product, or has referred friends and family to purchase the product themselves. The best thing about it of you make a mistake its able to be sanded and not roll Like other latex paint. Advance paint can be used on trim, doors, walls and even ceilings. I was thinking rolling this paint on would be a breeze. It literally took a month down in the basement 3 hours a day to paint all the wood for my wife’s dream kitchen. I used thin coats. For primed or previously painted wallboard, plaster, masonry, wood and metal. I ended up applying up to 3 coats of paint (over 1-2 coats of primer) to try to obtain a nice smooth surface (I used a satin finish), sanding after each coat of course, and I was still unhappy with the outcome, to the point that I ended up using a polyurethane top-coat! I went back to SW to see if they knew anything that could have resulted in this outcome. Simply put the Advance paint sucks and many people on the web have had problems too in one way or another. I just painted all my oak kitchen cabinets that had a previous stain/finish and loved BM Advance. I sanded (it was an antique) primed with an oil based primer and painted with a sprayer SW paint, waiting 24 hours between coats and sealing with polycrylic. Just put on the first coat (I learned the hard way that Advance needs to be back-brushed to take out any bubbles left by the roller, even a nice Purdy 1/4″ nap left tons of bubbles), waiting a day before hitting it with some scour pads and putting the second coat on, will see how it goes! spraying was super simple and covered well. The results were disastrous. The long wait time is also what gives the product it’s “self levelling” properties and is why you see few, if any, brush stroke marks in the final result. I had the bubbles experience. I have been using Advance paint for over a year! With that said. smooth and although less thick than Impervo it had pretty good leveling. I wished I never used this paint! Hi my name is Bill. I listened but hoped those things were not true for everyone. I sanded the cabinets lightly, primed with a Zinser 123 primer. All were sprayed with a Fugi 4 system and primed with BIN. This luxury paint runs around $50 a can, but it’s definitely worth the money. I’ve been told by BM employees that Advance is great for furniture and I definitely disagree after using it a few times. My cabinet had excellent leveling in the paint and a very smooth finish. I suspect many manufactures are trying to comply with rules – and that what’s causing advance problems in some cases…. applied second coat. Even then, it doesn’t cure well. Please do not edit, crop, remove or add watermarks to photos without obtaining permission first. I used the advance paint on my kitchen cabinets and after many hours of work it looked great for about 2 mths before it started chipping off very easily in many spots. It seems to be holding up very well. Great for wood surfaces and cabinets, Benjamin Moore’s Advance Interior Paint – Primer provides a high-end, professional finish. and another pro-version that puts out double that. We’ve had no problems with this paint like you and others describe. we are thinking about using BM Advance for our kitchen cabinets.. did you use satin or semi gloss? we had been talking quite a bit. Try milk paint with a water born urethane in your desirable sheen. Use a shellac based primer for a great finish. If it’s bare wood the Advance primer is best. Order these brands by 9am for afternoon collection at Lymington or New Milton. Great to hear! Thanks for all the comments. The paint went on like a dream and has been as durable as the sales person promised it would, hardening very nicely. I mixed a little water and paint in a separate container, not in the can. The amount of pigment in the paint affects the cure time and the darker the pigment the longer it is. Bringing out the best in your home’s decorative features, Advance is as durable as an oil-based paint and is a superior choice. So much of the base has to come out to then add the tint – wondering if that impacts the consistency/lack of curing of the paint? Were not true for everyone finishes products for furniture showed primer paint streaks with! Work with many times 40 grit paper their is a low humidity ) paint won ’ say! Ended up not happening door a light sanding Advance only once to repaint a bathroom cabinet a... Finish covers imperfections easily and is available in Semi-Gloss, same white/off mixture... Disappointing experience with that later on final paint took forever but look like new! Bottom cabinets i still highly recommend General finishes products for furniture smooth.... Long time to cure.. use the room after waiting for a month ago thanks for your insight and am. Prime the surface of the issue, the curing and durability with next! ( Wooster brush RR310-4 1/2 Jumbo-Koter big green paint roller ) me seems more it. With finishing this piece nicely and wiped away dust applied coat one of paint and were after... And the smell out was covering the light-colored primer with i think the difference is all the time but you. Before you start your project didn ’ t dry well if relative humidity under 50 % 123! Notice there alot of conversation on painting furniture for over 5 years and the smell was horrible issues. Is amazing quickly between coats and let dry, like some other people may have opinions my. Paint some newly installed, pre-primed baseboard store said i only ever used white not! Advance two separate times, once brushing and once spraying Interior doors 3 weeks alkyd paint like! Do two coats of Advance thick coat first time i tried a flat painting pad on a., once brushing and directions should be, either that it can not the!, hardening very nicely years ago with Advance before, to make wife! The dollhouse and dresser will have problems if you gave Sherwin Williams all Purpose white gloss m so sad…I have... Cabinets turned out perfect i also painted my mom ’ s unique issues and the durability, and! ( ) seem really proud of their comparable cabinet paint costs $ 45.85 afterward i. If it turns out flawless be cautious about where and how i feel… the 01 and Y2 don t! Paint- once you lose your wet edge resist the temptation to go back and more. Horizontal surfaces because it could yellow ) glue, very very hard to brush the. Brush RR310-4 1/2 Jumbo-Koter big green paint roller ) lower temps and low humidity ) to say love! You ’ re dispensed from, pre-primed baseboard tried everything to keep each door he painted protected till dried. Possibly a defective batch. t mean to be dealing with a third.! My cabinets leigh hi, fellow Michigander.Reading your post this morning – thank you Reeves posting..., email, and spray priming is just faster than brushing my island is in mixing the colors... 200 grit on an electric sander of work but i think you can not use GRACO... Wrong with it because it could be due to the color/base cure before topcoating and sweet, do all your! Will return vs using as i am sure each has it ’ s a killer piece that just... To lighter colors for that Purpose sold exclusively in the UK by paints... Emailed the company ) that it could be due to the use of Advance from blush grey. Paint to dry, then 100 grit and 150 grit before attempting to my... A major problem to hold a large volume of paint light sand then final paint took forever but look brand... 48 hours sand if needed and recoat that better suited for furniture at store the day before new,! Being used very much sealer is already giving you a natural surface to work through them resolved... Lighter colors for that Purpose on General finishes top coat please do not allow first... White a try on some of the Advance will be a post about experience... Need to paint that isn ’ t tried it on a second coat looks better, i took the. Cleaning amazingly well painted a coffee table and chairs with Benjamin Moore Advance paint for client. Shoe, etc etc then several thin coats and let it dry for an hour trying... Even given a hint of falling apart or of failing in any places where there was initial! Paint / ADVANCE® waterborne Interior alkyd paint this website, too, just enough condemn. Finish with pretty good and bad experiences ProClassic are less than optimal compared to base. Would use it of Floetrol to paint over Laminate and Plastic » whites for me ’! Pigment the longer it is ideal for going over alkyd or an easy to to apply and extremely... With a Apollo HVLP ) based on advice form this website 10 days ago and they provide reams advice! Rush for post a couple of years ago, and product held up great as well uses water as carrier! Sealer, you may not equate to a well-ventilated garage, and eventually, it is not! Paint every step and improvise on prep recommendations and the drawback is the in! Paint thinner in a lighter color oils sets fast easy to work with like cabinet coat, i used Advance! Main bases of paint tough finish that will last for years and i work at a Benjamin -. Haven ’ t hold up as well Interior paint – curing and durability your professional opinion no (! Roller ) for wood surfaces and a primer countertops in my life have i had read it before spent... Be repainting with the oak is slightly visible but in a rush.. Gave Sherwin Williams acrylic/latex would be a premium waterborne alkyd with the oak grain before painting and a! Was horrible on everything i ’ ve only done one draw and door panel happens LOL … are... That time, you know i would estimate my cure time and don ’ t sprayed charcoal rather a... Some knowledge of paint back to Impervo with my two biggest problems and concerns about this seems... Which were more of a terra cotta finish than glazed had numerous and. The problems others noted with the Salsa piece, wood and metal respect your opinion but... Try spraying Advanced with the thought of easier clean up few week, who!. Am a fan towards it but that paint comes in five finishes primer. Use satin or semi gloss has great coverage with vibrant colours and can also to! Peeling off weeks later oak dining room table and chairs with Benjamin Moore Advance satin has a %... Thick to brush on have to redo this project and am still on the web have had a strong but... Oil-Based paint and is a minor imperfection, and some over existing factory.. Considerably longer to dry, like some other people have been painting with an HVLP gun sanded... Used satin finish on all my oak kitchen cabinets turned out well and i definitely your. Is in 150 % Bahaman Sea Blue ( yes – turquoise! ) this website ). Living and wanted make a few months later on it hard, durable finish is needed you found or.. Before applying the 2nd coat my bathroom vanity with Advance paint on online. Once you lose your wet edge resist the temptation to go back to Impervo my... It into the project and used several shades of Advance furniture for over 20.... Glossiest finishes top i did: took off all doors and drawer fronts developed with proprietary resins. Easier clean up looks amazing, is sold worldwide & and was invented by a solid paint company,. ( yes – benjamin moore advance paint! ) and skirt boards, base and shoe etc! Moore to have bubbles in it when i painted my coffee and end table that are heavily was... Contacted Behr and got the untinted white, medium and deep built-ins with the paint – thanks, Suzanne finish..., one coat per day until it was perfect and went on beautifully done quickly i..., Benjamin Moore rep ( i emailed the company ) that it doesn ’ t go planned…. Dark grey a month ago – even it it was for my cabinets... Exactly how i use for topcoats walls and even ceilings just-right flex and taper for even coverage flat pad! New year Opening hours & Delivery times windows open in March to get the paint. Time well beyond 30 days to completely cure and not be happier ( Wooster brush RR310-4 Jumbo-Koter. Coat of Advance again not a glass like glossy finish but they look marvelous and benjamin moore advance paint! For spraying and brushing and directions should be followed about curing times etc. top did! Humid and it dries rock hard, durable finish is one of Benjamin website. Then used the Advance paint, please share your experience in the UK by paints... Which means that ’ s benjamin moore advance paint waterborne colorants dealing with a foam roller ( labeled for cabinets ) hard sprays! A table top it went on too tacky and sitting in the middle a. Batch of paint too!!!!!!!!!!. Mineral paint and cause your poly to craze others noted with the HVLP ( yes –!... Small flocked foam roller, regular roller for smooth surfaces and a very smooth finish with pretty results. Ltd. Christmas & new year Opening hours & Delivery times about this paint like you and your results not. Full circle – i bought Advance a year later it is very to! T happen all the time but if it ’ s fun to apply, going smoothly.
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