Because the blade folds out from the inside, the lower handle is below the cutting edge and interferes during use. To use the knife blades and other tools, the pliers must be extended. It’s got two squeeze-buttons on either side of the handles to unlock the multi-tool with. The serrated edges of the knife allow cutting through rougher materials easily. With a single flick of the wrist, pliers are deployed for use. The real downside of this design is that it is extremely plier-centric, which means you have to open the pliers first in order to access all the other tools. Great multi tool no complaints versatile for most needs. Included are a file and scissors; even a saw and bottle opener are stored within the Diesel's handle. The small size and weight ratio -4.7-inch long and 8.6oz weight – and nylon sheath is for convenient carrying of the multi-tool to the jobsite. Close. And each one locks into place for maximum safety and security with the Saf.T.Plus system. User reviews comment on the sharpness out of the box with average edge retention. Growing up on a farm everything was DIY and that has carried over to home improvement with my family. Hunting, fishing, camping or hiking there is always a need to cut or shape a piece of wood. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The individual stainless steel tools are bigger than average, and more rugged than normal. Except for the black/stainless finish there are no significant differences between the three models so get whichever is cheaper if you decide to purchase the Diesel. Dec 31, 2004. This matches our hands-on experience and our guess is Gerber used a steel from the Chinese Cr series – 3Cr13, 5Cr15MOV or similar. We also are not impressed with the plastic pieces present on the locking buttons and are unsure of their durability over time and in cold weather. The classic pocket carry is reinvigorated with fresh colors and updates to the all steel design. We found ourselves pulling the tools out with the tip of our finger inserted into the handle, the notches just had no leverage since they are so close to the pivot. They will break your nails getting them out and have short shanks. The Truss marks an all-new product for Gerber. Since we don’t have facts to work from, the best course of action is to look at the performance. June 5, 2019. Diesel, to keep up its reputation, has gone one step further by adding an extra protective layer of bead blasting to prevent corrosion and rusting of the multi-tool. Notwithstanding the minor flaws in material and placement of other tools, Gerber did a fair job with creating this sturdy tool. The saw blade on the Diesel matches the knife blade in form and function. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. The serrated teeth of the saw blade cut wood without clogging. If you have excessive use of pliers, this might become your first pick in multi-tools, without any doubt. With its industrial strength, easy handling, and super versatility, the Gerber 22-01545 Diesel Black Needlenose Multi-Plier offers everything you need to tackle tough tasks and tricky problems. The bottle opener and can opener tools are functional once you get them open. Gerber really missed the mark with this sheath. The blade is narrow with a thick spine and straight cutting edge, serrated on the lower half. With larger, industrial-strength components, the Gerber Diesel has been built to tackle the most rugged of tasks. Gerber included small cutout notches near the pivot on each tool to grab with a thumbnail. Gerber Diesel Multi-Plier Review The Gerber Diesel Multi-Plier model name gives you a strong clue about where Gerber think this multi-tool’s main feature is at. Today we are reviewing the features, build quality, and utility of the Gerber Diesel Multi Plier multi tool. The pliers also have a spot for turning hex-head nuts. The design has packed a single-handed operating needle-nose shaped pliers, and a pair of standard pliers. We put the Gerber Diesel against a hard surface and measured 3/32 inch movement at the end of the plier jaws. Gerber Diesel Black Multi-Tool Review If you have ever had a multi-tool blade fold back on your knuckles, much like myself, then this tool is for you. The Gerber Black Diesel MultiPlier is highly rated on Amazon and other shopping sites so we were expecting a top of the line performer. Most guys wear a significantly wider and thicker belt with jeans or work clothes – Gerber really missed the mark with this sheath. This Gerber Diesel Review will shed light on the construction and utility of the black version of this multi-tool. This means that there is no risk of any knife or blade coming out and slicing your palms while you are using some other tool on the multi-tool. Think about combining all those stalwart qualities into a king-of-the-road multi-tool that also features the ease and convenience of wrist-flick deployment. This Gerber Diesel Review will shed light on the construction and utility of the black version of this multi-tool. GERBER DIESEL MULTI TOOL quantity. Another plus is that you can get all this by paying a small amount out of your pocket, which is great looking at the utility of all the tools that you get within a single tool. All the information they provide is in generic statements like solid stainless steel construction or this blurb in their FAQ: If you use stainless steel, why has rust occurred on my Gerber product?Gerber products use a 100% high-grade stainless steel. The sharp point of the knife, Wharncliffe shape, is perfect for tasks that involve piercing. Be the First to Review the Gerber Diesel Multi-Plier Black, Sheath 1545. From the Manufacturer The Diesel Multi-Plier tool from Gerber packs a toolbox into your pocket. The Gerber Diesel is focused on the significant usage of pliers. If you like one you’ll probably like the other. Pliers: 3.5/5Knife: 3/5Wire Cutters: 2.5/5Saw Blade: 1/5Screwdrivers: 2.5/5Other Tools: 3/5. That's the story behind the Diesel Multi-Plier. They are both 2.25 inches long and suffer from the same interference with the lower handle. A modern drop point blade is deployed with dual thumb studs for ambidextrous opening, and a durable frame lock can be operated with one hand. A saw blade is always welcome in the outdoors. The kind that pulls no punches and shrinks for no task…regardless of how tough it might be. In summary, the engineers from Gerber did a pretty good job on the Diesel. The main improvement in this model is the single-handed opening of the pliers. I currently live in Texas with my family where DIY home improvement projects keep my and my multi tools busy. The scissors and file are bright spots for the Diesel. Reviews (0) Reviews (0) Reviews There are no reviews yet. First the good. That's the story Squeezing the smooth body of the handles allows for a stronger grip with no pinch points from protruding tools. The knobby protrusions from the locking mechanisms make it uncomfortable in your pocket even if you don’t mind the weight. Unfortunately, the included nylon sheath is nearly unusable. The SOG PowerLock EOD 2.0 V-Cutter B63-N draws on SOG's military background to deliver a high quality tool with high performance characteristics that is GSA approved. Diesel has placed a partially serrated knife inside one of its handles. The saw blade itself has course teeth that cut well and clear the kerf without clogging. Adjusting to a shorter cutting stroke makes cutting larger pieces a major chore. We damaged and deformed the cutters on #15 finishing nails, although they did cut. This knife is another in Gerber’s line of Made in the USA tools. The tip on this reverse-tanto style blade is long and thin and we have concerns about its durability. If you have ever had a multi-tool blade fold back on your knuckles, much like myself, then this tool is for you. Gerber 22-41545 black diesel multi plier review Let’s apply the schematics I’ve just shared with you. The company became one of the best multi-tools seller in the United States (USA) with the pioneering of single-hand operating pliers in multi-tools, and has remained so ever since. The Gerber Diesel comes equipped with their Saf.T. Consequently it only makes significant contact with 2 arms in the cross, increasing the likelihood of stripping the head on stubborn screws. Add to cart. The Gerber Diesel is best for military members who love their MP600 because Gerber improved on the classic design. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Except multi-pliers, all the other tools are deployed inside the handles. The cross driver is simply a flathead ground to a point to fit into the screw head. Once you have pushed the lock button on the handle, the pliers will slide outside for operating. Diesel has taken care of the safety of your hands, because all the tools are lockable. Gerber Diesel Multi-Plier, Black [22-01545N], Leatherman Skeletool Review – A 7 in 1 Lightweight Multitool for EDC, Leatherman Freestyle Review – A 5 in 1 Multitool with Essential Tools, Leatherman Leap Review – A 13 in 1 Multi Tool for Kids, Gerber eFECT Review – Compact Weapon Maintenance MultiTool, Gerber Grappler Review – A 12 in 1 Multi Plier with Sheath, Victorinox Tinker Review – Small Swiss Army Knife for Your Pocket, Victorinox Executive Review – Must Have Accessory for Office Workers, Victorinox MiniChamp Review – The Smaller Version of the SwissChamp, Super Bear Jaws Review – Upgraded Version of the Bear Jaws Multi Tool, Bear Jaws Multi Tool Review – A Small Multi Tool with Basic Features, SOG Sync II Review – A 12 in 1 Multi Tool for Your Belt Buckle, Industrial strength components are larger and stronger, Small, medium, and large flathead screw drivers. It is constructed almost entirely of stainless steel, the only part that is not are the black locking tabs on the sides. The Diesel Black has all of the features of the original, plus it sports a non-reflective black finish. You must be logged in to post a review. For a multi tool centered around the pliers, we don’t understand why Gerber did not include replaceable blades on the wire cutters. Gerber calls it the Diesel Multi Plier because the pliers are the main feature. We missed the slick one-handed opening on the best-in-class Leatherman Charge TTi. Think tough. Salt water is extremely corrosive and will attack and destroy any type of steel. It will require a bit of practice to put fingers on the right spot on the handles to get the pliers out with a single flick of the wrist. 1,907. If your Gerber product comes in contact with any substance that you are uncertain about, it is always a good idea to wash your blade off with tap water, dry it and apply a light coat of oil. The Gerber Diesel is available in black oxide and stainless silvercolors with identical 15 tools. Gerber Diesel Multi-Plier Review. Tools; Financial Tools. Gerber included pinch cut wire cutters on the Diesel and they work well enough. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Gerber Diesel Multi-Plier, Stainless Steel [22-01470] at It comes in handy when you are out for hunting, fishing, or camping. The Gerber Diesel is available in black oxide and stainless silvercolors with identical 15 tools. The Gerber Diesel is basically a slightly larger version of the MP600 with a few differences in tool loadout. Air Mattresses; Air Purifiers; Coffee Makers; DSLR Cameras; Exercise Bikes; Exercise Weights; Fitness Trackers; Robot Vacuums; Snowblowers; Space Heaters; Treadmills ; Credit Cards. We measured 3/32 inch of sideways play at the tips when held against a hard surface. However, it would be advisable to lubricate the tools from time to time to keep them in perfect functioning condition. If your Gerber product comes into contact with saltwater you must flush it with tap water immediately after use and coat it with good quality lightweight oil. Top Reviews. “Multi-Plier” refers to the one-hand deployable pliers that are a bit of a trademark design for Gerber. The screwdrivers on the Diesel are another area compromised by the pliers design. The kind that pulls no punches and shrinks from no task...regardless of how tough it might be. Think capable.
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